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    Whether your leather bag is completely or old, if you are a designer or possibly a creative individual, at one time or another you might have had the need to paint it. Before you begin such a project, it’s best in the event you test a location within your bag using the paint before you begin painting your artistry on the outside of.

    If you undertake to make use of many pigment color on your artistic design, it is recommended that you let each application dry before you begin painting with the next color.

    What sort of paint if you work with?

    Acrylic water-based paints provide more flexibility than ordinary acrylics. Ensure before beginning painting you are aware if the leather may be previously colored with vegetable dye. This is important as it will absorb the paint quicker than leather items that were tanned using other methods. Should you be unsure if the leather has already been vegetable dyed, then just paint a tiny area on the leather to determine if the paint is certain to get fully absorbed.

    Steps for preparing the leather

    1. Before starting painting, produce a solution made from leather bleach (one ounce) to at least one pint of water.

    2. Having a soft brush or even a little bit of wool fabric, make use of the solution to the leather gently.

    3. Remember to not soak the leather; just wipe it until it’s damp.

    Tips on how to use the paint

    You need to dilute your paint with water because you apply the outline in the design for the item. This will prepare the top later on whenever you use the design with undiluted paint.

    One part water and something part paint, use long, broad, as well as strokes. You may notice that this solution isn’t getting absorbed by the leather, you can add more paint, as much as two applications.

    Mentionened above previously previously, it’s advisable if you possibly could test the paint solution on the hidden piece of the leather or with a test swatch before creating any design.

    Once you’re pleased with how the paint looks on the leather, then use your undiluted paint which has a thin paintbrush to generate and fill out a final design. Make sure you let each shade of paint dry thoroughly before using another, third, or fourth color.

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