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    Whether your leather bag is completely or old, if you are a designer or even a creative individual, in the past or any other maybe you have had the desire to create it. Before starting such a project, it’s a good idea if you test a location within your bag using the paint before you begin painting your artistry externally.

    Should you to utilize multiple pigment color for your artistic design, it is recommended that you let each application dry before starting painting using the next color.

    Which paint if you work with?

    Acrylic water-based paints provide more flexibility than ordinary acrylics. Be sure before starting painting that you know if your leather may be previously colored with vegetable dye. This will be significant given it will absorb the paint quicker than leather goods that were tanned using other methods. Should you be unsure when the leather was already vegetable dyed, then just paint a tiny area about the leather to see if the paint is certain to get fully absorbed.

    Steps for preparing the leather

    1. Before beginning painting, produce a solution made of leather bleach (one ounce) to one pint water.

    2. Having a soft brush or a part of wool fabric, make use of the means to fix the leather gently.

    3. Remember to not soak the leather; just wipe it until it’s damp.

    The best way to use the paint

    It’s best to dilute your paint with water while you use the outline of the design on the item. This may prepare the counter afterwards when you use the design with undiluted paint.

    Using one part water and one part paint, use long, broad, and even strokes. When you notice how the solution isn’t getting absorbed through the leather, adding more paint, approximately two applications.

    Mentionened above previously previously, it is best if you possibly could test the paint solution on a hidden bit of the leather or on a test swatch before creating one further design.

    Once you’re delighted by what sort of paint looks for the leather, then make use of undiluted paint using a thin paintbrush to create and fill out the final design. Make sure to let each shade of paint dry thoroughly before you apply an additional, third, or fourth color.

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